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The menu here at Mediterranean Blue in Orlando, FL offers the best selection of delectable delights from the old country and the modern Mediterranean. The food we prepare at one of the top local restaurants in the Orlando, FL area is fire-grilled and lovingly handcrafted in our kitchens by our chefs. We use the finest ingredients to create authentic Greek recipes in our family tradition. Our Greek restaurant has a Proustian passion for recreating the memories of our childhood, and our recipes have been handed down to us through generations. You are guaranteed to lose yourself in the smells and tastes of Greece. You will find a wide variety of Mediterranean classics as well as the traditional Gyro. We also have fresh salads with our own homemade dressing and a selection of freshly prepared desserts. We pride ourselves on being one of the best local restaurants in the Orlando, FL area We serve the most authentic Greek food in the area and invite you to discover Mediterranean Blue today! 


Sample our irresistible Greek food - from entrees and sandwiches to salads and more!

The handcrafted sandwiches on our Greek food menu are the best you'll find in Orlando, FL. Our Greek seasoning and home-made tzatziki make our Gyro and Souvlaki sandwiches stand out as the best in town. The entrees on our Greek menu have also remained unmatched in their quality through all the years we have been in Orlando, FL. From the Pastitsio, Moussaka and Tuscano to the Caprese, Provence, and Falafel, our main course is aimed at giving you the most authentic Greek culinary experience you will get outside of Greece. And for the salad connoisseurs, our Greek salad with our house-made dressing is to die for! Make sure you ask our waiters here at our Greek restaurant for our special rice Pilaf platter. You can also sample and order sides from our ever-changing deli case. We also have a variety of selections for kids under the age of 9.

Luxuriate in our delectable desserts

Our homemade Baklava is the king of sweets. The chefs in our restaurant have mastered this notoriously difficult dish. The nutty flavor, the silky syrup, and the crunchy, delicate pastry will leave you wanting more. Our vanilla-scented specialty rice pudding is made with the choicest rice grains. It is creamy, comforting, and incredibly soothing. The luxurious texture and deep flavor of our pudding put an entirely new Greek spin on the comfort classic.

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