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The Best Greek Food – Freshness Guaranteed!

At Mediterranean Blue in Orlando, FL, we use fresh ingredients to create our mouthwatering Greek food. Over the course of our 20-year experience in the culinary industry, we were surprised to find that so many restaurants use processed food because they are easier to stock and sell and also last longer. Many reputed restaurants often turn to processed foods as it saves them a lot of cost and labor. It also uses up a lot more oil, sugar and salt, which leads to a lot of customers pushing away their plates. At Mediterranean Blue, we don't believe in cutting any corners. Our aim is to serve the best Greek food with wholesome flavors. We use the freshest ingredients sourced from trusted local suppliers who understand our passion for serving the best Greek food in the city.

Fresh daily specials and seasonal offerings

Nothing is more delicious than fresh food that is in season and ripe off the vine. People love savoring the wholesomeness that comes with the use of fresh ingredients. It delivers a bright and lively experience and looks more alluring on the plate. We have an incredibly creative staff, who come up with the most exciting and sumptuous daily specials based on seasonal offerings and fresh, healthy Mediterranean ingredients. We believe in supporting our local farmers and use their produce in our authentic Greek food recipes. Not only does it support the local economy, it also boosts the nutritional value and freshness of the food preparations since the items do not have to travel as far from farm to table. It is also our firm belief that it is not possible to capture the unique allure of Greek food without using fresh ingredients.

Completely eco-friendly and recyclable packaging

Our regular Greek food items such as hummus, feta, mom's potato salad, olives, and our daily-changing sides can be enjoyed here at Mediterranean Blue or taken home in our eco-friendly products.

We are proud to feature biodegradable carryout containers, utensils, and cups, as well as recyclable paper products.

All our packaging material is made out of renewable materials like recycled Kraft paper and sugarcane and is designed to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.

Experience Greek food as it was meant to be – fresh and delicious!

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