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Here at our Greek restaurant in Orlando, FL, we believe in preserving and sharing our rich Greek tradition. Mediterranean Blue is the brainchild of siblings Bob and Gail Givoglu. Bob and Gail's childhoods were steeped in the aromas and flavors of Greek cuisine as prepared by one of the best cooks they have ever met – their mother. Thessaloniki in Greece is a second home to the family, and it is their very own Madeleine – it continues to inspire the duo's palette. Both Gail and Bob have spent many years working in the hospitality and culinary industries in Central Florida.

For the last 16 years, Bob has worked at catering companies and local restaurants as a cook, consultant, and chef. Gail has 20 years of experience with Marriott. They have always dreamed of opening the best Greek restaurant in Orlando, FL. Their vision is simple and thorough: Share authentic Mediterranean and Greek dishes with the rest of the world. Drawing from their rich family history and extensive travels abroad, they aim to recreate the singular comfort and delectable flavors of their childhood.

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As first generation Americans, Bob and Gail grew up in a Greek suburb outside Cleveland in a town called Parma. Once they started their professional careers, they were disappointed by the paucity of authentic Greek restaurants, although there was no shortage of places that boasted of authentic Mediterranean flavors. However, they were never able to find a place that captured the intoxication of the Mediterranean and Greek dishes from their childhood. Soon after, Gail left her job with Marriott, and Bob stopped working as a consultant, and the duo invested all their energy in opening Mediterranean Blue – a place meant to preserve the richness and uniqueness of their Greek heritage. Their passion to share it with the rest of the world soon turned the place into the most sought after and popular Greek Restaurant in Orlando, FL. 

We serve iconic Greek dishes thatfood enthusiasts love!

Our growing customer base and the glowing reviews from our patrons humble us and encourage us to keep the endeavor going. After so many years, we are still as excited as we were on our first day and strive to keep even the most discerning customer satisfied.

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